Curved screen printing machine series

Curved screen printing machine series

What is Curved printing

There are three main types of curved screen printing machines: servo curved screen printing machines, pneumatic curved screen printing machines and automatic curved screen printing machines. Different models of curved screen printing have different characteristics.
For the purpose of beautification, decoration and embellishment, the surface structure or shape is not a plane, but a curved, arc, concave, convex shaped object of various materials, such as water glasses, wine glasses, tea jars, etc. that are commonly used in our daily life. Screen printing on specific or unspecified positions on the surface of ashtrays, various bottles, cylinders, test tubes, smoked cups, measuring tools, etc. for chemical and medical experiments can be called "curved printing.

Main principle of curved printer

We use a cylindrical object to illustrate. Most of the cylindrical surface substrates are printed with bearing-type outer diameter four-point support. The self-made curved surface printer is no exception, but there are two more sets of devices than other curved surface printing machines. It is different from the special "miniature auxiliary runner" and the probe-type "inner diameter telescopic runner" when printing extra-conventional or larger-taper objects, and when encountering "handled" utensils.

 Importance of scraper selection

The choice of the squeegee is critical in curved surface printing. The squeegee (also known as the squeegee), specifically, is a hand or machine tool that squeezes the ink on the "forming screen" onto the substrate. It is usually composed of polyurethane adhesive strips with a thickness of 8 to 10 mm and a hardness of 60 to 80 Shore A (Shore A) and a wooden or aluminum handle. Experienced screen printers know that the squeegee used in curved surface printing must have the conditions of "two high and four resistance", that is, high elasticity, high hardness; chemical resistance, solvent resistance, acid and alkali resistance, abrasion resistance . Especially in the process of color-printing high-quality curved objects, the choice of the scraper should be more particular. Only in this way can the effect of twice the result be achieved with half the effort, which has been proved by practice

Printing Sample Drawing

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