Curved screen printing machine
  1. Application

  2. This series of curved screen printing machines are suitable for high-precision printing of various cylindrical products, cone products, cosmetic containers, sprinkling containers, food containers, round tubes, cups and other regular round products.

  1. Main Features

  2. ① Microcomputer controls the operation of each function, with a high degree of automation and simple and convenient operation.

  3. ② Built-in four-digit automatic counter.

  4. ③ Automatically scrape ink, return ink, lift the worktable, etc., which not only simplifies the operation, but also ensures the stability of the printing quality.

  5. ④ The printing stroke and speed are adjustable to meet different printing requirements.

  6. ⑤ Automatically balanced scraper to ensure balanced printing pressure.

  7. ⑥ The worktable and the screen frame can be fine-tuned front and rear, left and right, up and down, with high printing accuracy, and the adjustment is convenient and fast.

  8. ⑦The scraper part can be lifted independently, and the screen frame can be replaced and cleaned easily and conveniently.

Main parameters


Maximum print size

Printing Thickness

Maximum printing area240*200mmMaximum screen frame380*350mm
Maximum number of prints Max printing speed1200(PCS/H)Printing taperPositive ≤15 °, Negative ≤7 °
Print length≤250mm


Rated voltage/Power

Air pressure5barAir consumption56L/min

Machine size

730*580*1280mmgross weight100(KG)

Machine maintenance

① Before going to work, clean up the sundries on the machine and wipe the machine clean. Lubricating grease should be added regularly to moving parts such as guide rails, guide posts, and bearings.

② The workpiece table is a key component that affects the printing quality. It prevents the impact of hard objects. During printing, the ink cannot be removed. Organic solvents such as Tianna water drip onto the work surface.

③ The electric control panel and buttons should be prevented from being damaged by direct or indirect contact with solvents such as Tianna water, boiled oil and water.

④ The frame paint is to keep the machine from rusting, to prevent damage caused by direct or indirect contact with solvents such as Tianna water, boiled oil and water.

⑤ Drain the sewage and dirt in the oil mist combiner in time. To prevent the pneumatic components from being fed into the normal operation, clean the cup body regularly, and add Peng 2 lubricating oil to the oil cup of the oil mist combiner.

⑥ When adjusting the restrictor valve, the tightening nut must be loosened before adjusting by hand. The handle screw on the machine is used for positioning. After firmly positioning, there is no need to tighten it with excessive force.

⑦ After get off work, turn off the power/air source, clean the wire mesh, and keep it properly. Dust/pressure/hard stab proof

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