Precautions for inspection of heat press

It's summer now, and the temperature is reminding us. Many workshop staff should pay attention to rest and keep up their spirits before going to work. When you are in a fatigued state, not only the work efficiency is low, but also it will pose a great threat to their own life safety. We will also often see that many hot press operators have squashed their handles due to negligence or fatigue on the production line, causing great accidents. The facts of this case give us a great warning. Life is precious, and we must not cause a lifetime of remorse because of a momentary negligence. So keep in mind the precautions for the inspection of the heat press


The use of the hot press must be operated in accordance with the specifications to ensure the safety of the machine and personnel. Among them, inspection is the focus of safety regulations. The precautions are as follows:

  1. Check the heating, lubrication and transmission conditions of each motor, reducer and bearing every 4 hours, and whether the travel switch and pneumatic components work normally.

  2. Each vehicle board should pay attention to observe whether the accumulator charging pressure is normal.

  3. Always pay attention to whether there is any jamming between the platen, beam and the frame when the press is rising. If there is, troubleshoot in time, pay attention to whether the tie rod is working normally, and whether there is a possibility of loosening and falling off. Each shift should deal with the wear-resistant plate of the lower beam. Lubricate the friction surface once.

  4. Slabs, pallets and rough boards should not stay in the press for too long to avoid fire. In case of power failure, the lowering valve of the press should also be manually pushed to lower the press and push out the rough boards.

  5. When each slab enters the installation machine, it is necessary to observe whether there is a possibility of damage to the pallet. If there is an abnormality, pay attention to the emergency stop button.

  6. Pay attention to observe whether the trolley that pushes the slab into the machine works normally.

  7. Observe whether there is any jamming in the machine to push the slab into the press, and whether the rough board is all pushed out of the press. If not, it should be pulled out manually, and observe whether the baffle is raised and lowered in place.

  8. Check the hot oil pump for abnormal noise and leakage.

  9. Observe whether the working conditions of the front and rear baffles of the press are abnormal.

  10. Observe whether there is leakage in the press and loading and unloading oil pipes.

  11. Pay attention to cleaning the dust on the surface of the heat transfer oil pipe and the frame of the press. Do not touch any fire within the range of the press.

  12. Pay attention to observe whether there are obvious iron foreign objects entering the press, so as not to damage the platen.

  13. Observe whether the plate gauge is loose or falling off at any time. If so, it should be dealt with in time.

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