Automatic screen printing machine

GL-IP6090CCD Running Table CCD Printing Machine Specifications

1. Equipment overview:

Equipment features: 

           1. The appearance of the whole equipment is uniform and coordinated.

           2. The whole machine starts and stops with one key.

           3. Equipped with maintenance device to facilitate equipment cleaning and maintenance.

           4. The whole machine runs smoothly.

           5. With 4 sets of CCD positioning printing, the positioning is accurate.

           6. The screen lift adopts vertical guide + servo drive, with high precision and accurate and stable positioning.

           7. The printing adopts high-precision silent guide rail + servo drive + synchronous off-grid structure, which runs smoothly and quickly.

           8. The printing/returning ink adopts high-precision cylinder, the printing pressure is digitally adjusted, and the printing pressure is constant and stable.

           9. Equipped with static elimination device to effectively avoid secondary pollution of printed parts.

          10. The digital man-machine interface of the whole machine is simple and convenient to operate.

2. The overall indication of the equipment:

Mechanism Module

3. Action Instructions:

Manually put the product on the positioning platform, CCD image positioning (including 4 sets of CCD), after positioning, the platform inhales, the product is fixed on the platform, the platform runs to the position of the printing machine, starts printing, after the printing is completed, the platform returns to CCD alignment position, cut off suction, manual reclaiming.

4.Technical performance parameters

 Technical parameters of GL-IP6090CCD screen printing machine

Equipment function 

1. Manual feeding, CCD automatic positioning;

2. The printing part adopts treadmill CCD vertical guide + servo motor

Applicable product size Max: 600 x 900mm Min: 100 x 350mm
Dimensions L3600 × W1350 × H1850 mm
Power supply single 220V 50HZ
Power (V/KW) 8KW
Air source pressure/amount 5-7kg/cm2, 3 L/beat
Equipment weight 1500kg
Equipment application range It is suitable for many fields of screen printing, such as film circuit, nameplate keys, precision electronics, plastic industry, ceramic industry, lens window, EL, liquid crystal display (LCD) and other industries. , Fine plane screen printing.

Function introduction 

1. Maximum printing area: 600~900mm;

2. Minimum printing area: 100~350mm; 3. Platform size: 700*1100mm (high-precision grinding platform, table surface hard anodized);

4. Suction area: 600*900mm; 5. Maximum screen frame: 1100*1600mm;

6. Height of screen frame: 30~50mm;

7. Treadmill speed: 500-800mm/s;

8. Platform repeatability positioning accuracy: ±0.01mm;

9. Working height: 900±30mm;

10. Specifications of air suction holes on the platform: 30x30, aperture ¢1.2mm; 11. Printing thickness: 0.1~50mm;

12. Flatness of platform: 300×300mm±0.05mm; 13. Network spacing accuracy: ±0.05mm;

14. Printing accuracy: ±0.05mm; 15. Fine-tuning of printing platen: X-axis ±5mm, Y-axis ±5mm; 16. Printing speed (mm/sec): adjustable from 0 to 500mm; 17. Printing pressure (Kgf/cm2 ): 0.4 to 5.0;

18. Scraper angle adjustment: 0~30°;

19. Maximum production capacity: 240Pcs/h;

20. Lifting and repeating positioning accuracy (mm): ±0.01mm;

21. Positioning method: manual positioning or CCD alignment;

22. Repeated printing accuracy (mm): ≦ ±0.05mm;

23. Parallelism between screen frame and platform: <0.1mm;

24. Plate washing height: 300mm;

Special introduction 

1. CCD capture range: X: 330~900 Y: 100~600mm, accuracy 0.01mm, 130mm


2. ITO Mark/Mark capture function of different shapes, alignment capture time ≦ 1s;

3. 4 CCD lenses;

4. There are protective devices to prevent displacement caused by personnel impact;

5. PLC control reserves 10% of the interface;

6. The entire machine is protected by software;

7. All electrical components have been specially tested to achieve hardware protection;

8. The feeding port is equipped with a static elimination device;

9. Printing/returning ink pressure control: numerical control setting, automatic constant pressure;

10. Different colors are used for trachea for different purposes: white trachea for vacuum; black trachea for air pressure;

11. The appearance color of the machine: the default computer white paint, or the color specified by the customer;

5. Main component brands

Serial number  

Goods nameBrandRemark
1Programmable controller PLCDelta
2Photoelectric switch Panasonic
3 Servo motor + driveDelta/Hechuan
4Linear guideson silver
5Solenoid valveSMC/AirTAC

pressure switch 

8Low-voltage electricalappliances Chint/Omron/Schneider

6. Installation, commissioning and training

6.1 Unless otherwise required in writing, the purchaser is responsible for receiving, unpacking and transporting the unit to the installation site; and prepare relevant

    Electricity, gas, etc. to the installation site.

6.2 The supplier is responsible for equipment installation, commissioning and system integration.

6.3 After the installation is completed, the two parties will conduct small batch trial production of their equipment. After the small batch trial production is qualified and approved by the buyer, the

    to be put into mass production.

6.4 The supplier provides free training for the relevant personnel of the buyer. The content includes the normal use, maintenance, and fault analysis of the equipment.

    Analysis and elimination, operational safety and emergency procedures, etc.

7, quality assurance and after-sales service

7.1 The warranty period of the equipment is 12 months from the date of the official acceptance of the equipment, during which the supplier is responsible for free maintenance.

protective equipment (except wearing parts). If the quality of the equipment is abnormal, the after-sales service personnel of the supplier who cannot be handled by telephone communication shall

Arrive at the equipment site in time after receiving the notice from the buyer.

7.2 After the warranty period expires, the supplier shall still be responsible for repairing and maintaining the equipment, but only charge reasonable working hours and reasonable delivery fees.

General fees, involving the replacement and purchase of equipment-related accessories, the supplier only charges the cost of the accessories.

8. Toolbox List

       Toolbox List


hexagonal wrench

1 sets

2adjustable wrench1
3scraper clip4 setsAluminum profile processed
4trachea1 strip 5 meters


one serving

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