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Automatic carton box opening machine


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    Product Name

    Category: Automatic case sealing machine, Packaging Equipment

    Product introduction:

    The automatic carton unpacking machine is also called the carton automatic forming and bottom sealing machine. Automatic carton forming machine and automatic unpacking machine are assembly line equipment for automatic unpacking, automatic folding lower cover and automatic sealing of lower bottom tape for large batches of cartons. Folding bottom, bottom sealing and other packaging processes are greatly convenient to operate, and are essential equipment for automated large-scale production.


    Application industry:

    The automatic unpacking machine is mainly suitable for enterprises with large output and batch production. For example, food, beverage, medicine, daily chemical and other industries are widely used, and it can be said that it is one of the indispensable equipment for enterprise automation production.


     Machine parameter

         TX-KX544 vertical opening machine

    Size : L2000 *W1900 *H1550mm

    Opening speed: 8-12boxs/ min

    Suitable carton size : Max L500*W400*H400mm,Min L250*W120*H160mm

    Tape size: 60-78mm

    Table height: 620-700(adjustable)

    Voltage : AC220V / 380V/50Hz

    Air pressure: 5-6kg/cm2


    TX-KX544DS E-commerce version  carton opening machine

    Machine size :L2000 *W1900 *H1550mm

    Opening speed :8-12box/min

    Suitable paper box :4-12size box

    Tape size: 60-78mm

    Table height: 610-750mm( adjustable)

    voltage: AC220V/380V /50Hz

    Air pressure: 5-6kg/㎝²

    N.W: 601KG

    TX-KX655 vertical opening machine

    size:L2100 *W1900 *H1650mm

    Opening speed:6-8 box/min

    Suitable box size :Max L600*W500*H500mm,Min L300*W120*H160mm

    Suitable tape: 60-78mm

    Table height: 620-700mm(adjustable )

    voltage: AC220V/380V /50Hz

    Air pressure: 5-6kg/㎝²

    G.W : 700KG

    TX-KX647 Flat slot opening machine

    size:L2100 *W1900 *H1650mm

    Opening speed :6-8carton/min

    Suitable carton box:max L700*W400*H700mm,min L300*W200*H200mm

    Suitable tape: 60-78mm

    Table height: 620-700mm(adjustable )

    voltage: AC220V/380V /50Hz

    Air pressure: 5-6kg/㎝²

    G.W: 800KG

    TX-KX766 flat slot opening machine

    size:L2100 *W1900 *H1650mm

    Opening speed:6-8caron/min

    Suitable carton size max L700*W600*H600mm,MinL300*W200*H200mm

    Suitable tape: 60-78mm

    Table height: 620-700mm(adjustable )

    Voltage : AC220V/380V /50Hz

    Air pressure : 5-6kg/㎝²

    G.W: 801KG

      Opening and sealing machine

    Size : L5070 *W2050 *1450mm

    Opening speed : 8-12 carton/ min

    Suitable carton size :max L500*W400*H400mm,min L200*W150*H100mm

    Suitable tape : 60-78mm

    Table height: 620-700mm(adjustable)

    Voltage: AC220V/380V /50Hz

    Air pressure: 5-6kg/㎝²

    G.W: 11000KG



    1. Automatically complete unpacking, forming, bottom bending and middle bending, and at the same time complete the bottom tape pasting, saving labor and time.
    2. A wide range of cartons is used, and the adjustment of cartons of different sizes is simple and quick.
    3. The whole machine runs smoothly and reliably, and the packaging effect is firm and beautiful.
    4. The configuration is high, and the main components are selected from international famous brands.
    5. The equipment is simple to operate and easy to maintain.
    6. Automatically correct the right angle of the carton.

     Machine actual detailed picture








    touch screen controller

    Controlling box


    Conveyor belt

    Sealing carton steps



     Packaged sample



    Precautions for use:

    1. Ensure the use environment and correct placement of the unpacking machine. Avoid placing the machine at an incline, place it on a clean floor, and try not to move the machine. Places with water or dust are not suitable for placing the unpacking machine.

    2. Ensure the voltage and capacity of the unpacking machine for normal operation. When the power supply of the unpacking machine runs at the same time as other machines, it may affect the running performance of the unpacking machine. If the plug or socket is overheated, it may cause a fire. Special attention is to be prepared for specific voltages and capacities for out-of-the-box use only. Do not insert or unplug the power plug with wet hands.

    3. The ground wire terminal of the unpacking machine must be connected to the ground wire. There is a danger of electric shock if it is not connected to the ground wire or is not sufficiently connected.

    4. The cross-sectional area of ​​the extension cord used by the unpacking machine has strict requirements: it must be more than 0.75m2 and within 10m. Using a flexible cord that exceeds this range will not only damage the performance of the machine, but may also cause the plug and socket to overheat and cause a fire.

    5. Ensure that all parts are intact before operating the unpacking machine, and ensure the integrity of machine parts! When using the unpacking machine for a long time, be prepared for fire prevention and do not put flammable objects around!

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    Taoxing automatic screen printing machine video compilation

    Service / FAQ


    ① We provide comprehensive one-stop services, customer training and satisfied after sales services.

    ② Online support, video technical support for troubleshooting manufacturing problems, engineers are available to service oversea as necessary.

    ③ Sold enjoy one year of free equipment warranty and lifetime technical support.


    Guarantee for Delivery

    Safety and fast logistic ensures the goods are delivered on the right time

    1. Packing: Plywood Case for Each Machine

    2. Payment terms: T/T (50% deposit to start the production, 50% paid before delivery)

    3. Delivery date:60 business days after received the payment.

    4. Departure of port: By sea from Shanghai or Ningbo

    5. Delivery means: By sea by land


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