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  • Mini Desktop Pad Printing Machine
    Mini Desktop Pad Printing Machine
    Application:Suitable for printing flat, convex, concave surface,It's suitable for printing logo or mark on stationery, toy, metal parts, and leather product.
  • International friends from Bangladesh visit
    International friends from Bangladesh visit
    In mid-November, the company's foreign trade staff received international friends from Bangladesh.Our company has always been committed to the development of foreign trade, and the company also adheres to the company's external development philosophy of "seeking development in advance, seeking progress in development, and seeking balance in progress" to seek maturity and stability in foreign trade. Since the company started its foreign trade, it has received many foreign friends and entrepreneurs.
  • TX-4060S Pneumatic T-Groove Plane Screen Printing Machine
    TX-4060S Pneumatic T-Groove Plane Screen Printing Machine
    TX-4060S Pneumatic T-Groove Plane Screen Printing Machine.Scope of applicationIt is suitable for plane printing of glass, optical disc, nameplate, self-adhesive, credit card, ceramic flower paper, Wooden Toy Puzzle, PCB, SMT solder paste, film switch and other products in electronic industry. It is also suitable for plane printing of products with high overprint accuracy based on gold and silver card paper, metal sheet, PVC, etcMain performance① Vertical structure, the vertical lifting of screen plate is driven by air cylinder, and the left and right actions of printing head are driven by variable frequency electric drive.② Single chip microcomputer control circuit, printing and screen lifting adopt independent driving source.③ Pneumatic control printing tool holder lifting, photoelectric eye control stroke, independent adjustment.④ Three modes of manual / semi-automatic / full-automatic are set, and the printing indirect time is digitally controlled.⑤ Independently designed head lifting device, ink scraper / ink return knife, screen loading and unloading and screen cleaning are convenient.⑥ Double guide posts, left and right net clamp arms, and plate spacing adjustment devices are installed at the same time, which is convenient for adjustment.
  • Best Four-station turntable screen printing machine Factory Price - Taoxing
    Best Four-station turntable screen printing machine Factory Price - Taoxing
    TX-2030P-4T screen printing machine is mainly used for printing: mobile phone touch screen, light guide plate OGS / TP / CG / LTD glass, PCB, LCD, liquid green oil, film, keyboard, acrylic, mobile phone panel, touch panel, guide Light board, signage, ceramics, stationery,
  • UVLED Drawer Type Curing Box
    UVLED Drawer Type Curing Box
    ★ ApplicationCompared with traditional UV mercury lamps, UV-LED light sources have shown great advantages in energy saving and process improvement. Large-area, high-power UV-LED light sources will be increasingly widely used. Covers optical device assembly, optical communication component assembly, semiconductor device assembly, medical device assembly, and home improvement industries applicable to point light sources. Printing: UV flatbed printing equipment, UV photo printing, inkjet printing, trademark printing, screen printing and other UV ink varnishes and UV ink drying and curing. PCB: PCB white oil exposure, PCB green oil exposure, PCB character screen printing; architectural home decoration: decorative glass, craftsmanship, ceramic tiles, wallpaper, marble, etc. UV coating and printing; optical fiber: optical fiber ink coloring and tape; for large sizes For the application of surface light source, our company will be equipped with a high-power water-cooled, compressor-water-cooled integrated machine developed by ourselves, which provides a guarantee for long-term, high-power and stable work.
  • High Precision Mesh Stretching Machine
    High Precision Mesh Stretching Machine
    The structure adopts aluminum girder and dual rail, with the imported aluminum clamp, to assure the high tension during meshing, and it is easy to expand and contract, to suit different size of screen printing plate during meshing.Easy operation, even stretching tension during meshing, the stretching area can be adjusted, we can process many printing plates in the same time, which enhance the efficiency.The screen mesh will not rubbed with the screen frame during meshing, which can lessen breakage,  improve economic returns.Mainly applied to the industries of  SWT Mask Laser、PCB、Bid board、EL&LCD manufacturing、membrane switch etc. The general features of these industries are: large quantities of stretching net、high stretching tension、high precision etc. 
  • TX-YKPZ-5070 Automatic Sheet Screen Printing Machine
    TX-YKPZ-5070 Automatic Sheet Screen Printing Machine
    ApplicationThis auto screen printing machine is widely used for adhesive paper, Ceramic decal paper, membrane switch, heat transfer film,  transfer paper, and also suit for the high precision printing on any other paper card,thin metal sheet,PVC.
  • TX-GSP780 Automatic roller UV screen printing machine
    TX-GSP780 Automatic roller UV screen printing machine
    Description and ApplicationTX-GSP780 full-automatic roller reciprocating screen printing machine is a mature product of Taoxing printing machine, which integrates high-speed, high-precision full-automatic single-color single-color screen printing machine.Its printing range is wide, and it can print single-color printing and multi-color printing on paper (gold and silver cardboard, transfer paper, white paper), plastic film (PVC, PET, PP), self-adhesive and other single-sheet materials with a thickness of 90g~350g Overprinting, and local UV coating of printed matter can also be done at the same time.The automatic cylinder screen printing machine  meets the screen printing of a variety of inks and papers, and is especially ideal for overprinting of gold and silver in UV imitation metal inks. The main uses are in addition to ceramics, glass, enamel, bicycles, automobiles, furniture, The decal printing of trademarks such as lacquerware and sporting goods can also be used for the packaging and decoration of soft paper boxes, cartons, posters, tobacco and alcohol, and the printing of PVC and credit cards.
  • TX-SF80S Automatic Powder Coating Machine For Hot Melt Powder
    TX-SF80S Automatic Powder Coating Machine For Hot Melt Powder
    This Powder Applicator Machine is designed for spreading, cleaning and recycling hot melt powder granulate onto screen printed textile heat transfer sheets.MAIN FEATURES:1.DUAL Vortex Suction System-Sheet hold-down vacuum ensures NO marking of the printed image-Dual Vacuum Cleaning Heads provide superb cleaning result both over & under sheets2.anti-static System- Two anti-static part, one is before coating, and another is after coating - use the Spring transmission belt to prevent electrostatic3.air blowing system- use the higher press air blowing system after powder coating,which can help to remove the balance powder on the sheet
  • Automatic Sheet Screen Printing Machine TX-5070DZ
    Automatic Sheet Screen Printing Machine TX-5070DZ
    Applications:The full-automatic screen printing machine can perform full-automatic high-precision screen printing on single-sheet materials such as PVC/PC, PET, acrylic and other materials, such as film and paper, to realize automatic feeding, automatic printing, and automatic unloading; it is widely used in transfer In the production process of decals and films, flexible circuits, membrane switches, nameplates and other products.
  • Taoxing Engineers Went to Mexico to Guide and Train Customers
    Taoxing Engineers Went to Mexico to Guide and Train Customers
    Taoxing Engineers Went to Mexico to Guide and Train Customers.At the beginning of November 2017, Taoxing engineers went to Mexico to instruct and train customers on the operation of dusting machines and roll-to-roll screen printing machines. After a 15-hour flight and a 5-hour bus, they finally arrived at the destination-Guanajuato, Mexico. State. A city with beautiful scenery, blue sky and white clouds, and good air. We were warmly welcomed by customers when we arrived, and we had simple exchanges after meeting. On the second day, the normal guidance training began, and the patient demonstration step by step, from debugging to operation, each step was explained in detail, which was praised by customers.
  • Semi-Auto Screen Printing Machine
    Semi-Auto Screen Printing Machine
    ApplicationBe applied to the flat printing for glass, CD, nameplate, stickers, credit card, Ceramic colored paper, wooden toy puzzles,PCB,SMT tin ointment, and membrane switches in electronic industry .It is also applicable to the flat printing such as golden and silver cardboard ,metal sheet, and other products with the material of  PVC, which have high requirement in overprinting.
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