Knowledge of how the powder coating machine works

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The working principle of the dryer: The dryer mainly generates power through electricity, diesel power, wind power, flammable material power, etc., and uses ambient air to heat, transport it to the surrounding area, and then reach an appropriate temperature for dehumidification treatment.

oday we are going to learn about the working principle of the dryer. Do you have any questions in your mind when you use the dryer? How does it work?

The specific working process of the dryer is as follows: the wet material is sent to the hopper by the belt conveyor or the bucket elevator, and then enters the feeding end through the feeding pipeline through the feeding machine of the hopper. The inclination of the feeding pipeline should be greater than the natural inclination of the material, so that the material can flow into the dryer smoothly. The dryer cylinder is a rotating cylinder slightly inclined to the horizontal.

The material is added from the higher end, the heat carrier enters from the low end, and is in countercurrent contact with the material, and some heat carrier and material flow into the cylinder together. With the rotation of the cylinder, the material runs to the bottom end by gravity. During the forward movement of the wet material in the cylinder, the heat is directly or indirectly supplied by the heat carrier, so that the wet material is dried, and then sent out through a belt conveyor or a screw conveyor at the discharge end. A copy board is installed on the inner wall of the cylinder, and its function is to copy and sprinkle the material, so as to increase the contact surface between the material and the air flow, so as to improve the drying rate and promote the advancement of the material.

Heating medium is generally divided into hot air, flue gas and so on. After the heat carrier passes through the dryer, a cyclone dust collector is generally required to capture the materials in the gas. If it is necessary to further reduce the dust content of the exhaust gas, it should also be discharged after passing through a bag filter or a wet filter. Heat pump dryer (also known as heat pump dryer) is a professional device that uses the principle of heat pump, plus additional air supply system, cooling system, etc. Heat pump dryer is a new type of high-efficiency and energy-saving dryer.

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