Pad Printing machine series

Pad Printing machine series

What is a pad printer

Classification by transmission mode According to the different transmission modes of the main movement of the pad printing machine, it can be divided into three types, namely manual mechanical pad printing machine, electric pad printing machine and pneumatic pad printing machine. Pad printing machine is a printing equipment, suitable for plastics, toys, glass, metal, ceramics, electronics, IC seals, etc. Pad printing is an indirect gravure printing technology that has become a major method for printing and decorating various surfaces.

The principle of pad printing machine

The pad printing machine is to use the method of photographic plate making for the pattern to be printed, make the steel plate into a gravure, and then transfer it to the printed object through a special silicone printing head, and can prepare special ink according to the material of the product. , so that the quality is guaranteed.

Advantages of pad printers

First of all, a pad printing machine can do up to 12 colors, which is called multicolor overprinting. It can print all the products at one time, which not only improves efficiency but also saves money. Even small manufacturers who have just built a factory can Affordable for this part.
Secondly, compared with the characteristics of the screen printing machine, the ink layer of the pad printing machine is very thin, which means that it is easy to leave traces on the surface of any product, whether it is a flat, curved or wavy surface, the printing pattern can be perfectly reproduced .
Finally, the pad printer has very good color expression and printing adaptability.
It is the high performance and low price of pad printing machines that can fully adapt to this highly commercialized material society and become the first choice of contemporary manufacturers.

Printing Sample Drawing

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