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In autumn, the life of team building is not only about the hustle and bustle, but also poetry and distance;
The work is not only limited to the two-point and one-line company’s home, of course, there are team building activities that say go.
Take a trip to escape the city with the team, enjoy the sunshine and breeze, meet the romance of early autumn and meet the afterglow of the sunset, and have a camping appointment together~

Work can not be perfunctory, life must not be perfunctory! In this cool autumn day, in order to enrich employees’ spare time and improve team cohesion, the company unlocked the most IN gameplay of team building for all employees, ushering in a romantic autumn carnival~
A camping group building away from the hustle and bustle of the city and embracing nature is the best way to feel autumn!

Here, the footsteps will inadvertently slow down, the tense and tired body and mind will also be separated from the heavy work, and everyone will go to a spiritual rest.

# Outdoor camping + BBQ

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It is a beautiful thing to think about a barbecue party full of fireworks in the cool autumn. The rich aroma of smoky roasting instantly stimulates the appetite, and the fragrant barbecue dipped in sauces is tempting. Division of labor and cooperation, to experience the fun of “do it yourself”.

# team development activities

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The similarities between work, life and team building games are that they can summarize experience and help grow. This company’s team building activity has shortened the distance between colleagues, made individuals combine into a closer whole, and made Hongzheng build a better team. In the future, we will meet the next work with a better look.

The golden autumn of October is a month full of enthusiasm. One person can go very fast, and a group of talents can go further, so that everyone can actively integrate into the big family of Taoxing.


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