Let me tell you how to print the gas stove panel

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Screen machine specially designed for all kinds of gas stove panels, a device that helps you print designs or patterns on gas stove panels. It can save you time and effort, and is the first choice of many gas stove panel merchants. This machine is very user-friendly

constituent part

① Input                ②printing             ③Inspection    ④Drying


Model TX-4060BL TX-6090BL TX-80120BL TX-80160BL TX-80200BL
max printing area 400*600mm 600*900mm 800*1200mm 800*1600mm 800*2000mm
Size of printing table 700*900mm 900*1200mm 1100*1400mm 1100*1800mm 1100*2400mm
max size of screen frame 700*1100mm 900*1200mm 1100*1750mm 1100*2250mm 1100*2550mm
Max printing speed 800(PCS/H) 800(PCS/H) 800(PCS/H) 800(PCS/H) 800(PCS/H)
Glass thick ≤50mm
Pressure 4.0~6.0 kfg/c
Voltage /power 380V/50HZ


380V/50HZ /2.2KW 380V/50HZ /3.2KW 380V/50HZ /4KW 380V/50HZ /5KW
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