Do you know how the pattern on the balloon is printed

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Screen printing specially designed for all kinds of balloons, a device to help you print designs or patterns on balloons. It can save you time and effort, and is the first choice of many balloon merchants. This machine is very user-friendly.

Main parameters

Model TX-QQ150   Print color monochrome
max printing area 150*150mm Printing speed pressure 900-1200m/min
Mode of operation semi-automatic Inner diameter of balloon carrier 150mm
Max screen frame size 700*1000mm Size of package carton 1300*800*1300mm
Rated voltage/Power 220V/1KW Gross weight 120(KG)

Configuration instructions

① Microcomputer control each function, easy to operate, equipped with five automatic counter

② All pneumatic components adopt well-known brands, to ensure the machine quality

③ Front and rear oil scraping is driven by cylinder + linear bearing to ensure smooth and smooth movement

④ Screen lifting adopts cylinder + guide column drive.

⑤ The working table adopts the design of four stations, rotating one station every 90 degrees, automatic blowing, the size of balloon blowing can be adjusted.

⑥ Oil-free three-point combination does not produce exhaust oil mist pollution, suitable for use in dust-free rooms

⑦Can be customized according to customer requirements, to meet different requirements

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