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TX-4060ST Electric T-slot Flat Screen Printing Machine

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The electric T-slot flat screen printing machine specially designed for meter boxes can save you time and effort, the first choice of many meter box merchants, providing high accuracy and consistency, in this blog post, we will briefly discuss how to use Electric T-slot flat screen printing machine.

Main parameters

Model TX-4060ST   Printing Thickness ≤100mm
Maximum printing area 400*600mm printing pressure 4.0~6.0 kfg/c㎡
Size of printing table 500*700mm Voltage/Power 380V/50HZ
Maximum screen frame 700*1050mm  machine size 1260*910*1650mm
Maximum number of prints 1000(PCS/H) Gross weight 492(KG)

Main performance

① Vertical structure, the vertical lifting and lowering of the screen is electric, and the left and right movements of the printing head are driven by variable frequency electric drives.
② SCM control circuit, independent driving source for printing and screen lift.
③ Pneumatically control the lifting and lowering of the printing knife frame, and the photoelectric eye controls the stroke, which can be adjusted independently.
④ Manual/semi-automatic/full-automatic three modes are set, and the printing indirect time is digitally controlled.
⑤ Independently designed machine head lifting device, squeegee/return knife, screen loading and unloading and screen cleaning are convenient.
⑥ Double guide column left and right mesh clamp arms, and at the same time, the plate distance adjustment device is installed, which is easy to adjust.

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