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Vertical private server curved screen printing machine specially designed for goblets, a device that helps you print designs or patterns on goblets. It can save you time and effort, and it is the first choice of many glass cup merchants. In this blog post, we will briefly discuss how to use the vertical screen printing machine.


This series of cylindrical screen printing machines are suitable for high-precision printing of various cosmetic eyebrow pencils, containers, pharmaceutical containers, food containers, electronic devices, toys, cabinets and other surface patterns and text.

Main parameter

Model TX-500SA   Max Printing area 200*500mm
Air pressure 5bar Voltage/power

Rated voltage/Power

Printing speed

Max printing speed

800-1000(PCS/H) Max screen frame 300*600mm
printing size Φ150*200mm Printing length ≤250mm

Size of package carton

1150*950*1600mm   Gross weight 272(KG)

The main features of the screen printing machine

1. The screen printing machine has a unique frequency conversion speed control device, and the printing speed of the screen printing machine mechanism diagram is from 20 to 70 times per minute;

2. The electronic counter can accurately pre-adjust the counting time, and the total number will automatically stop;

3. The screen printing machine has multi-color printing electric eye device, fine-tuning operation, accurate point and color matching, and improved printing quality;

4. The screen printing machine is suitable for printing large-area background colors, small characters, and outline points, all of which are clear and bright without fading;

5. Good ink adhesion, thick ink layer, no fading, no fading, good weather resistance, bright color;

6. The screen printing machine can be connected with UV dryer, glazing die-cutting machine, slitting machine, cutter machine, rewinding machine or used alone;

7. The screen printing machine adopts the best built-in servo motor in the world, which is humanized and easy to operate;

8. It is easy to operate and reduce the loss of high unit price printing materials during the trial version.

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  • PLC controls the operation of each function, with high degree of automation, simple and convenient operation.
  • A four-digit automatic counter is set inside.

③ Automatically scrape ink, return ink, lift the worktable, etc., which not only facilitates the operation, but also ensures the stability of the printing quality.

⑤ Automatically balanced squeegee to ensure even printing pressure.

⑥ The worktable and screen frame can be fine-tuned back and forth, left and right, up and down, with high printing accuracy, convenient and fast adjustment.

⑦The scraper part can be lifted independently to replace and clean the screen frame, which is easy and convenient.

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