Let me tell you how the solar water tank shell sheet gold is printed

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The Dual Servo High Precision Flat Screen Printing Machine, designed for solar energy, is a device that can be used to print on a variety of substrates, providing a high degree of accuracy and consistency, in this blog post, we will briefly explore how to use Dual servo high precision flat screen printing machine.


Be applied to the flat printing for glass, CD, nameplate, stickers, credit card, Ceramic colored paper, wooden toy puzzles,PCB,SMT tin ointment, and membrane switches in electronic industry .It is also applicable to the flat printing such as golden and silver cardboard ,metal sheet, and other products with the material of  PVC, which have high requirement in overprinting.


1.vertical structure with the motor driven printing plate goes up and down vertically, and the motor driven print head moves left/right.

  1. Single chip controlled circuit, printing and plate goes up and down using independent driving source.
  2. Pneumatic controller controls the printing knife moves up and down, photocell eye controls the stroke, which is independent to tune.
  3. Set manual/semi-automatic /automatic three modes , the break time of printing is digital controlled.
  4. Independent designed head rising and down setting, makes it convenient to clean the scraping blade/reclaiming blade、screen plate during loading and unloading.
  5. Double guide column master the clamps arm, and install the adjusting device to adjust the distance between plates at the same time, which is convenient to tune.


  1. The machine controlled by SCM
  2. Adopt Famous brand Electronic parts to make sure the quality
  3. 3. Printing scraper and reclaiming blade controlled by brand pneumatic component.
  4. 4. Moves up and down/left and right during printing, controlled by Taiwan ABBA Precision guide rod.

5.Left/right scratchers adopt HIWIN precision liner guide from Taiwan.

6.Printing plate adopts pneumatic stainless steel and suction system which is produced by Shanghai State-owned factory.



Model TX-4060ST TX-5080ST TX-60100ST TX-60120ST TX-80130ST TX-80160ST
Max printing area 400*600mm 500*800mm 600*1000mm 600*1200mm 800*1300mm 800*1600mm
Table size 500*700mm 600*900mm 700*1100mm 700*1300mm 900*1500mm 900*1700mm
Max screen frame size 700*1100mm 800*1200mm 900*1200mm 900*1550mm 1100*1750mm 1100*1950mm
Max printing speed 1200(PCS/H) 1200(PCS/H) 1000(PCS/H) 800(PCS/H) 800(PCS/H) 800(PCS/H)
Max Product thickness ≤50mm
Air Pressure 4.0~6.0 kfg/c
Power 380V/50HZ


380V/50HZ /2.2KW 380V/50HZ /3.2KW 380V/50HZ /3.2KW 380V/50HZ /3.2KW 380V/50HZ /4.2KW

The Dual Servo High Precision Flat Screen Printer is a great piece of equipment for anyone looking to get into screen printing or looking to add another printing option to their business. With this machine, you’ll be able to produce high-quality prints quickly and easily! So if you are looking for a machine that is versatile and easy to use then this is the one for you!

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