Do you want to know how UV silk screen hot stamping works?

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Jump-step automatic hot stamping machine specially designed for paper-plastic packaging, a device that helps you print and print hot stamping on leather, aluminum sheets, metal sheets, etc. It can save time and effort, and is the first choice of many snakeskin bag merchants. The brightness is very good, the speed is fast, the operation is convenient, and the speed is 0-2500 sheets per hour. In this blog post, we will briefly discuss how to use a vertical electric screen printing machine.


Widely used in: paper and plastic packaging printing stamping, water transfer printing foil stampingpressure sensitive label stamping, motorcycle Stamping of decals. Applicable to all kinds of PVC,PUPP, PET, PC acrylic, leather, aluminum sheet, gold it belongs to sheet material, etc. Flat material uvscreen gilding, cold stamping process, 3D three-dimensional effect gilding. bright Extremely good,fast,easy to operate, 0-2500 sheets per hour


Machine model 1160 skip automatic gilding machine
Maximum bronzing width 1150mm
Stamping speed 0-15m/min
Bronzing temperature 60-140°C
Total power 6Kw
pressure 0-8Mpa
Power Supply 380V/50Hz
Total weight 730Kg
Overall dimensions 2800mmX1660mmX1640mm


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