Let me tell you how brake pads are printed

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Ordinary rotary screen printing machine specially designed for brake pads, a device that helps you print designs or patterns on brake pads. It can save you time and effort, and it is the first choice of many brake pad merchants. In this blog post, we will briefly discuss how to use the ordinary rotary screen printing machine.

Scope of application

Mobile phone touch screen, light guide plate OGS/TP/CG/LTD glass, PCB, LCD, liquid green oil, cold light film, film, keyboard, acrylic, mobile phone panel, touch panel, light guide plate, diffuser, nameplate signage, ceramics, Precise screen printing of stationery and small film/sheet/plate products, such as flexible circuit (FPC), in-mold decoration (IMD), membrane button, plastic sheet, biological test piece and other products precision flat screen printing.

Technical Parameters

Equipment model TX-2030P-4T Number of stations 4
Maximum printing area/mm 180*250  Table size/mm 200*300
Diameter of turntable/mm 800 Maximum height of workpiece/mm 80
Printing speed 1000pcs/h Printing color 1色
Manipulator stroke 600mm Screen frame up and down stroke 120mm
Scraper left and right stroke 400mm Scraper up and down stroke 40mm
Vertical and horizontal adjustment of the workbench ±6mm Pick-up method Vacuum adsorption or chuck clamping
Lifting Drive Pneumatic Control System PLC
Voltage/power 220V/3.5KW Working air pressure 0.5-0.7Mpa
Dimensions/mm 1500*1200*1540 Weight/(KG) 380

Main performance

1. The lifting of the screen plate is driven by a cylinder, combined with high-performance precision linear guide rails, and the lifting of the screen frame is guided by a guide column, which makes the printing more stable and smooth, and the printing accuracy is higher.
2. The printing frame adopts a stepping motor, which runs fast, and the positioning is precise, and the stroke/speed/direction can be set digitally.
3. The printing seat frame is formed by one-piece cast aluminum, and the structure is simple. The knife holder is guided by the cylinder and the guide rail, which is stable and smooth, and has high precision. The scraper and ink knife are formed by one-piece drawing aluminum, which has simple structure, convenient use and stable performance.
4. The turntable workbench is driven by Taiwan precision cam divider, and the repeated positioning is accurate and fast. The vacuum suction platen ensures accurate product positioning and prevents product loosening during rotation. The turntable is integrally formed and processed from cast aluminum, with stable structure, superior rigidity, and the flatness accuracy of the table top is 0.05mm.
5. Manipulator unloading: configurable manipulator unloading, reducing productivity and improving production efficiency, the machine is connected with the production line, and the material is directly unloaded to the production line, which can be customized according to customer requirements.
6. Adopt advanced control PLC control, digital control of man-machine interface, can set a variety of functions and operating parameters, which is conducive to digitalization and standardization of operations, and humanization.
7. Safety rods and safety light curtains can be installed to carefully protect the personal safety of operators.
8. The oil-free water filter and pressure regulating group does not produce exhaust oil mist pollution, and is suitable for use in clean rooms.
9. The function program setting storage function can be kept in memory, which is convenient for the next use.


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