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Aseptic Packaging Ampoule Automatic Screen Printing Machine Specially Designed for Abe Bottles, a device that helps you print designs or patterns on Abe bottles. It can save you time and effort, and is the first choice of many Abe bottle merchants. In this blog post, we will briefly discuss how to use an automatic screen printing machine for aseptic packaging ampoules.


Automatic Ampere Bottle Screen Printing Machine is suitable for ampoule glass products in medical or skin care industry. Fully automatic loading and unloading, printing, drying, and plate placement processes can be completed at one time. It greatly saves the time of manual sorting and labor cost.


  • Material Feeding by whole box, eliminating the trouble of frequent manual feeding;
  • Material discharging bywhole box, and the state of the workpiece after printing is exactly the same as that of the feed, without rearranging the box;
  • Optional UV or IR drying methods;
  • Additional workpiece adsorption function, suitable for 360° joint printing;
  • One person operation, two tracks running at the same time;
  • High-speed printing, 8000 pcs/hour;
  • Can print two different sizeof ampere bottles at the same time;
  • Double squeegee design, printing and laminating are more cleaner.


Controlled by fully electric and PLC microcomputer, with fully automatic loading and unloading, can printing single-piece and double-piece. The machine runs smoothly, printing stroke and speed can be adjusted at will. Frequency converter controls constant torque operation to ensure consistent printing effect. Printing and drying can be completed simultaneously. This machine is widely used for high-speed monochrome printing of ampere bottles, vials, medical test tubes, etc.



2、Product Length:60~180mm

3、Printing itinerary:0~80mm

4、Printing speed:7200 pcs/hr

5、Power:220V 50/60Hz 5.5kw



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