Let me tell you how the fully automatic pen holder is printed

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Fully automatic pen heat transfer machine specially designed for fully automatic pen holders, a device that helps you print designs or patterns on fully automatic pen holders. It can save you time and effort, and it is the first choice of many automatic pen holder merchants. In this blog post, we will briefly discuss how to use the automatic pen heat transfer machine.

scope of application

This machine is designed as a cylindrical product, with PLC precise control and positioning, human-computer interaction interface, simple operation, automatic loading and unloading, automatic steering, high work efficiency and good stability. Suitable for all kinds of pen holders and cosmetic bottles, etc.

heat transfer printing process

The thermal transfer machine is a new type of printing machine that transfers the pre-printed thermal transfer film to various substrates by heating and pressurizing the pre-printed thermal transfer film.

It has high productivity, significant economic benefits and more beautiful appearance. It is a surface printing process.

Ideal equipment for the industry. It can be hot stamped on the flat and curved surfaces of plastic, wood, metal, leather, glass and other products.


  1. Fully automatic feeding or conveyor belt feeding, suitable for mass production of stationery and cosmetic pipe fittings
  2. Adopt stepper motor for paper delivery, automatic pre-positioning of precision, two sets of servo photoelectric eye positioning systems for front and rear, left and right
  3. Using Japanese divider, Italian tooth box, mechanical linkage
  4. Automatic electrostatic dust removal before and after hot stamping
  5. Automatically rewind the film, with built-in five-digit counter
  6. The rubber roller rotates for heat transfer hot stamping, the height and front and rear slope of the hot stamping head can be adjusted, and the stamping pressure, temperature and speed can be adjusted.
  7. Equipped with high-precision photocells (electric eyes) to track and control the transfer paper with contacts. The timed feeding method is adopted for the transfer paper without contact.
  8. PLC control, programmable terminal LCD display, built-in various operation control programs and adjustable parameters







 Operate  Full automatic
Application Pen,ect round product
Printing speed 40-60pcs/min
 Suitable item diameter 4-30MM
Suitable item length 60-200MM
Power 2.6KW
Glue roller size φ180×102mm
Stamping item size φ8-20mm×170mm(can be customized )
Stamping temp Room temp 280 Celsius
Air pressure 5-7bar
Max stamping pressure 2138(7bar)
Max stamping speed 2000pcs/hr
Voltage 110/220V 60/50Hz
Heating power 1200W
Air consumption 281L/min
Machine size 1750×1100×1050mm
Machine weight 480kg














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