Taoxing Spring Festival holiday notice

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Dear customers, colleagues:

Another new year is coming, bid farewell to 2022, and usher in 2023, full of hope, opportunities and challenges.
Here, I would like to thank everyone for your support and trust in Taoxing in the past year. At the same time, I also hope that in the new year, Taoxing can continue to receive your attention and support. Taoxing will continue to serve you as always Provide quality service
Just as the Chinese traditional festival “Spring Festival” is approaching, I would like to wish all new and old customers and friends a new year! I wish you all a happy Chinese New Year!

The specific arrangements for the Spring Festival holiday are as follows:
The company’s Spring Festival holiday time is: 2023.1.15 – 2023.1.28
Special Note:
On the way home, please pay attention to personal safety and property safety! I wish you all a happy, peaceful and festive Spring Festival!
Inconvenience, please understand! If there is an emergency, please call the duty phone, and we will deal with it for you as soon as possible!
Thank you again for your attention and support to the company!
I sincerely wish you all a happy, peaceful and festive Spring Festival!

Hangzhou Taoxing Printing Machinery Co., Ltd

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