Features and application scope of roll-to-roll screen printing machine

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Roll-to-roll screen printing machine is a newly developed automatic screen printing machine, which can be adapted to many industries, such as: textile, clothing, packaging, glass, PCB, acrylic, advertising, handicrafts, etc. Because it is fully automatic, so Automatic feeding, printing, etc. So, what are the functional characteristics of roll-to-roll screen printing machine products? The following will be shared by Taoxing printing equipment.

一.Features of roll-to-roll screen printing machine products:

1. The cylinder drives the screen to move up and down, and the action is stable;

2. High-strength vacuum suction pump, strong vacuum adsorption, to ensure accurate multi-color registration;

3. There are two printing modes, manual and automatic, and the automatic printing interval time (printing speed) can be freely set;

4. The PLC centrally controls the operation of the whole machine, and the touch screen of the man-machine interface displays all functional data, which makes the printing operation simpler and more convenient;

5. Automatic feeding, automatic electric eye alignment, automatic detection of color marks, and automatic correction of front, back, left, and right sides make the printing set more accurate and can be repeated many times;

6. Multiple units can be connected to complete multi-color printing at one time, with high printing speed and high precision, which can greatly improve production efficiency;

The roll-to-roll screen printing machine has the advantages of fast printing speed, simple operation, accurate overprinting, high degree of automation, cost saving, and improved efficiency, and the pressure is balanced, the ink layer is thick, and the printing plate frame of various sizes can be used. The printing size can print multiple patterns at the same time, so it is loved by many users.

二.Application scope of roll-to-roll screen printing machine products:

The automatic roll-to-roll screen printing machine has a very wide range of applications and can be used in many industries, including advertising printing, packaging printing, circuit printing and handicraft printing. It can be used in different industries. effect is very large. There are actually many different types of such machines and equipment. According to different application characteristics, they can include automatic pallet printing machines and automatic roll-to-roll screen printing machines, etc. According to different functions, they can be divided into automatic There are different types of screen printing machines, etc., each type will have its own advantages.

The automatic roll-to-roll screen printing machine is not only convenient in application, but also can maximize the utilization in different environments. Including different applications will also be completely satisfied and applied. Mainly used in the electronic processing industry, the silk screen logo of printed circuit boards. It is widely used and has a long lifespan. Different applications and different efficiencies can satisfy all aspects of the application to the greatest extent. The fully automatic roll-to-roll printing head and the fully automatic pallet printing machine are also as convenient, and the safety application is simpler.

The automatic roll-to-roll screen printing machine can well meet the actual needs of printing in the automatic effect, and it is not only powerful in the finished effect. At the same time, it will also have a better effect of high work efficiency in various applications. It can accurately preset the number and timing, and the total number will automatically stop. There will be no failures in use, so not only can it meet more applications, but it is also the best in terms of adaptability. The automatic roll-to-roll screen printing machine is very simple in operation, and it will better meet the application in practical application, which is completely convenient.

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