The main application of UV LED curing machine in screen printing

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As a new green curing method, UV LED curing machine quickly occupies an important position in curing applications because of its fast curing speed, energy saving and environmental protection, convenient operation, and small footprint. Especially in the printing industry, UVLED curing machine has replaced a large number of UV mercury lamps. Among them, screen printing is also widely used for UVLED curing machines. Someone once said when evaluating UVLED screen printing: If you want to find an ideal printing method on earth to achieve the purpose of printing, it is likely to be UVLED screen printing method. Dilong Technology UVLED curing machine is mainly used in the following aspects in screen printing:

1. Paper printing: art printing – advertising, pictorial, calendar, lantern paper, etc. Trademark printing, transfer printing, packaging printing, building materials printing–paste wallpaper, etc.

2. Plastic printing: plastic film – vinyl toys, school bags, plastic bags, etc. Plastic scales – fake metal composite materials and various scales. Production parts – instrument parts.

3. Printing of wood products: handicrafts – lacquerware, wooden handicrafts, toys. Processing of semi-finished products – sporting goods, wooden boards, ceilings, road signs, signs, fake metal wrench, billboards, etc.

4. Printing of metal products: metal cylinders, metal utensils, metal products.

5. Printing of glass and ceramic products: glass – mirrors, glass plates, cups, bottles, etc. Ceramics – utensils, handicrafts.

6. Signs: text boards, dials, shaped items.

7. Circuit board printing: printed circuit boards, civil or industrial substrates, thick-film integrated circuit boards.

8. Printing and dyeing: printing and dyeing – flags, cloth, towels, handkerchiefs, shirts, vests, knitwear, etc. Other printing – pockets, shoes, bibs, and various bags, backpacks, bags, school bags, etc.

Reliable UVLED curing machine manufacturer

As a manufacturer of UVLED curing machines, Dilong Technology is committed to providing customers with a complete set of curing solutions. The products have standard products and can also customize products according to customer needs. If you have UVLED curing requirements, Dilong Technology’s official website online customer service, or call for consultation and communication, Dilong Technology will serve you wholeheartedly.

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