Glass panel printing production line scheme

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Electronic glass panel production process:

CuttingEdge and corner treatment(edge grinding, etc)Tempering(chemical/physical)cleaningScreen printing(semi-auto/auto)Drying(tunnel/oven)CleaningBack gluePacking


Cleaning+Automatic screen printing+Drying tunnel

Cleaning machine


Be applied in the field of glass deep processing, it has a good cleaning and drying effect on the cleaning of various high-grade glass such as home appliances, light, electronics glass, etc.


Detail picture


The machine adopts horizontal structure, put the flat glass on the transfer roller, through entrance part—- washing part (two-stage washing) —- water absorption part—- drying part —- exit part. Equip the Pneumatic lift sliding table can transfer speediness.

Glass transfer speed can reach to stepless speed adjustment according to the processing requirement. And we can adjust the glass with different thickness by using hand wheel and spring screw.

TX-4060BL glass screen printing machine


Fully-auto servo feeding glass silk screen printing machine is suitable for flat surface printing on glass, such as access control glass panel, smart home automation glass, kitchen appliance glass etc.


Specification For Fully-auto servo feeding glass silk screen printing machine
Model TX-4060BL
Max Printing Size 400*600mm
Table size 700*900mm
Max frame size 700*1110mm
Max printing speed 800(PCS/H)
Printing thickness 50mm(Max)
Air Pressure 4.0~6.0kfg/cm2
Power 2.2KW 380V
TX-IR80Drying tunnel


IR Conveyor Drying Tunnel Machine offered find application in the field of screen printing and are extensively used for table prints.


Model TX-IR80 Loading length 1000mm
Unloading length 1000mm IR length 2000mm *3=6000mm
Power 25 KW Convey belt width 800mm
voltage 380V Total length 8m


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