How to Print Metal Beer Cans

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Semi-automatic curved screen printing machine specially designed for metal beer cans, a device that helps you print designs or patterns on metal beer cans. It can save you time and effort, and is the first choice of many metal beer can merchants. In this blog post, we will briefly discuss how to use the semi-automatic curved surface screen printing machine.


Surface printing at water buckets ,paint barrel, plastic barrel,fire extinguisher such as circle product etc.


1.Microprocessor control each function with high automation and easy operation;

2.4-digit auto counter built in;

3.Cylindrical/conical printing function available;

4.Auto ink squeegee and flooding, worktable elevating to assure easy operation and consistent print quality;

5.Printing stroke and speed are adjustable to meet different requirements;

6.Fine adjustment available on squeegee left/right position to make substrate alignment easy and exact;

7.Fine adjusted available on worktable up/down and plane angle, and frame front/rear, left/right and up/down with high printing precision.

800 S Pneumatic cylindrical/conical screen printer

Model TX-800S TX-1100S
Max.Printing Area(mm) ø240×350 ø330×350
Max.Screen frame(mm) 1000×350 1200×350
Min.Screen frame(mm) 230×140 230×140
Printing Length(mm) ≤400 ≤400
Max.Printing Diameter(mm)) Full circle ø240 Full circle ø330
Max.Printing Speed(cycles/Hour) 800 800
Gas Consumption(L/min) 70 70
Dimension(mm) 1680×950×1650 1600*730*1330





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