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Automatic Sheet Screen Printing Machine TX-5070DZ


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    Product Name

    Category: automatic screen printing machine, Flat screen printing machine series

    Applications:The full-automatic screen printing machine can perform full-automatic high-precision screen printing on single-sheet materials such as PVC/PC, PET, acrylic and other materials, such as film and paper, to realize automatic feeding, automatic printing, and automatic unloading; it is widely used in transfer In the production process of decals and films, flexible circuits, membrane switches, nameplates and other products.


    5 sets of servo system, fast and stable action, accurate positioning.

    The printing pressure is uniform and adjustable, which can be adapted to the different needs of various inks.

    The printing transmission mechanism is driven by a servo motor, the printing speed is stable, and the stop position is accurate.

    Using PLC (programmable controller) control, touch screen setting servo drive, quick and convenient operation.

    Unique network version synchronization and off-grid mechanism to avoid the phenomenon of sticking to the network.

    Constant pressure control system to ensure the pressure balance of the squeegee and the uniform ink to ensure high printing quality.

    Powerful suction motor, unique suction control, so that the substrate is firmly adsorbed and released in time.

    The unique platform blowing and suction system and servo push scale block ensure accurate positioning in the XY direction.

    Cantilever vertical lifting mode, independent lifting of the printing head, easy to operate.

    The blowing system cooperates with the multiple separation system to reliably separate the printing substrates.

    Precise fine-tuning mechanism facilitates plate registration.

    The discharge belt can be conveniently docked with subsequent processing equipment.

    Chinese and English HMI operation, reliable and durable, easy to adjust, accurate setting and complete functions.

    Unique shield design, easy to operate, prevent external dust from falling on the printing substrate

    Customize various specifications, sizes, and product functions according to different requirements

    Key parameters


    Model TX-5070-DZ
    Max. printing size(mm) 500×700mm
    Max. frame size(mm) 850x1100mm
    Mini. frame size(mm) 400x600mm
    Max. sheet size(mm) 520x720mm
    Mini. sheet size(mm) 160x200mm
    Printing material thickness (mm) 0.08-3.0mm
    Off-frame height(mm) 25mm
    Max. feeding height(mm) ≤330mm
     Max. speed(p/h) 500-1000p/h
    Power(KW) 3.5KW
    Power supply 3N-380V-50Hz
    Working pressure(MPa) 0.4~0.6MPa
    Machine dimension (L*W*H)mm 2600x2400x1930mm
    Machine Weight (kg) 1300KG

    Main electrical accessories configuration:

    Pneumatic components Airtac/domestic
    Aluminum parts  Anodizing treatment
    Steel parts Chrome plating
    Guide HIWIN Taiwan HIWIN
    Electronic control components Omron etc.
    HMI Weilun
    Programming Controller (PLC) Xinjie
    Servo system (5 sets) Xinjie
    Appearance treatment Anti-wear and durable gold powder
    TaoXing Company Introduction
    Taoxing automatic screen printing machine video compilation

    Service / FAQ


    ① We provide comprehensive one-stop services, customer training and satisfied after sales services.

    ② Online support, video technical support for troubleshooting manufacturing problems, engineers are available to service oversea as necessary.

    ③ Sold enjoy one year of free equipment warranty and lifetime technical support.


    Guarantee for Delivery

    Safety and fast logistic ensures the goods are delivered on the right time

    1. Packing: Plywood Case for Each Machine

    2. Payment terms: T/T (50% deposit to start the production, 50% paid before delivery)

    3. Delivery date:60 business days after received the payment.

    4. Departure of port: By sea from Shanghai or Ningbo

    5. Delivery means: By sea by land


    Screen printing was a technique first used by the Chinese almost 2000 years ago. It is widely used at home and abroad. Chinese printing machine market has already become the focal point of the world have opened up. We have teams of experienced technical experts and professionals providing most professional and just-in-time technical consults and services, timely supply of spare parts in place.


    If you are still confused how to start printing work, don’t worry, contact us and we will help you out!! No mater you are a green hand, we will train you up-to-date technology skills, and keep an eye on your business opportunities. Our friendly and professional team that is able to handle all your inquiries whenever you need.

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